About the Parkinson’s Snowflake Project

In early 2017, in an exercise class for Parkinson’s disorder patients as arms were swinging and feet were flying, Susan Lippert overheard someone say, “We are like snowflakes because no two of us are alike. We have the same disease but different symptoms." Susan immediately identified with the comment, and it inspired a philanthropic idea.

Parkinson’s patients share the same clinical diagnoses but different symptoms. Like snowflakes, each Parkinson’s patient is unique. While many people have heard about the disorder, they don’t necessarily understand the disease.

Susan’s idea was to do something to raise awareness of the disease. She brought snowflake stickers and started handing them out at the exercise classes. The reaction was immediate and enthusiastic.

But the stickers were temporary. Susan wanted a more permanent way to showcase support of Parkinson’s disease patients. She realized a lapel pin should replace the sticker.

Fellow exerciser Pat Gastreich – who had experience sourcing products – joined with the same inspired enthusiasm as Susan.

The Snowflake Project was born!


Join the Project!

Purchase a $5 snowflake, and your donation helps care for those living with Parkinson’s. 100 percent of our fundraising dollars go to support the Gardner Patient Care Fund at the University of Cincinnati. We appreciate your purchase and wearing your pin to support people living with Parkinson’s.